To avoid ever risking sending one of our readers in such a terrible direction, our team is developing a list of verified rehab facilities across the country. These facilities stand out to us, and we go to great lengths to make sure they can provide care that we would trust our friends and loved ones with.

We are marking these vetted facilities via a badge placed on the facility’s web page. Think of it as a trusted stamp of approval from a group that works around the clock to ensure that people can trust recommended care providers.

Our Official Badge

In addition to the badge found on other websites, we’ll include a verified icon next to the facility's name in our reviews. That way, you can tell at a glance which organizations have chosen to go through our verification process and which ones haven’t yet done so.

Our process is fairly simple.

First, our team of web experts verifies all the information posted on the internet concerning the facility. It’s a necessary step in today’s digital age where scammers can make convincing social media pages that use assets from legitimate facilities. By following links and analyzing code, we can verify the truthfulness of associated media pages and ads and give scammers the finger.
Second, we call and talk to the facility. It’s probably the most important step because it translates directly to what we can publish on our website. After we talk to a center, we can compile a list of their core principles and services and best direct our readers to the facility that suits their needs.
We also do this to ensure that the personal relationship between patient and center doesn’t get forgotten. We are trying to make the process better, but we can sometimes get lost in the data. When we talk to the actual people who are there directly interacting with our readers, it keeps us focused. It lets us pass that connection directly to the reader.
Finally, we send a badge and update our website to include information about the verified facility. That makes it simple; if someone is looking for help and sees our badge, they know they are in the right place.

Facility Owners:
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